Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-12-02T00:30:08-05:00

Find answers to all your Ideal Feet store related questions

How do I book my free fitting orientation and test walk session?2019-04-26T18:50:43-04:00

Just head over to your nearest Ideal Feet store to get your personalized fitting orientation as well as test walk session. You do not need any prior appointments or bookings to start taking care of your feet with us today!

Do you sell franchisees?2019-06-03T18:35:25-04:00

Yes, we do option out franchisees at various locations. For more information, visit our Franchise page.

Are there any more products apart from the arch supports in your Ideal feet stores?2019-04-26T18:48:53-04:00

At the Ideal feet store, you can also find a wide range of shoes, foot care products, and accessories for your feet.

How fast can I get the fitted delivery of the Ideal Feet arch supports after purchase?2019-04-26T18:48:15-04:00

For infants to age 6+, you can get the delivery immediately after the fitting session. Your local Ideal Feet store is always kept up to date with a complete inventory of all types of arch supports. Once the fitting orientation has been handled and the correct supports have been found for your feet, we will make sure to complete the fitting in time for you to wear back the product home right then.

Will my Ideal Feet arch supports be a fit for my casual sandals or lounge flip-flops?2019-06-03T18:36:03-04:00

We at Ideal Feet do not judge any footwear and intend for you to enjoy every one of them. With this in mind, we have devised arch supports that are just an ideal fit for your regular wear shoes, sandals or even your lounge wear flip-flops. Our exclusive Maintainer line and Relaxer line is specifically developed with this category of footwear in mind.

Will the Ideal Feet arch supports be a direct fit in my current collection of shoes?2019-04-28T19:02:25-04:00

We really intend so. You have already made a sincere investment in racking up your shoe collection and it is our serious intent that you are able to enjoy each of the shoes in your collection. To that end, Ideal Feet caters to large range of fits for almost every types of shoe and sandal.

I always splurge for high quality shoes and still have achy feet; will Ideal Feet work for me?2019-04-26T18:46:00-04:00

That is the plan! It is a common misconception that the shoes are the reason for your achy feet. However, with the innovative product like the Ideal Feet arch supports you can actually resolve the problem of incorrect arch support for your feet, which will in turn help resolve the fitting problem for every type of shoe you own.

Who will figure out the correct size and fitting model of arch support for me?2019-06-03T18:37:06-04:00

We will. You just have to show up to our Ideal Feet store and our arch supports specialist will take care of all of the necessary fitting to ensure you have the correct model of product at the end.

Are arch supports kid friendly?2019-04-26T18:40:54-04:00

They sure are! However, both kids and adult clients need a proper sizing and fitting of the arch supports to make sure the correct product model is chosen for their age and the level of activity they pursue.

Your Ideal Feet store only believes in customized personal fitting and caters to a large range of styles to accommodate every unique feet personality.

Can my HFSA plan or any similar insurance cover the arch supports?2019-06-03T18:40:50-04:00

At Ideal Feet, we do not take insurance but do allow for our customers to pay for the insoles using their HSA and FSA. Ideal Feet stores do not diagnose problems, or prescribe solutions that require you to fill the mentioned prescriptions. As such, we do not process any insurance claims for our products. The products are a however an assistance of sorts and might be loosely covered under some specific plans, in which case, you should contact your insurance provider for possible solutions.

Why do Ideal feet store provide such a large variety in arch supports?2019-04-26T18:33:57-04:00

At Ideal Feet, we know that every foot is unique in the way they respond to different postures and supports as well as the amount of firmness or flexibility that they need for proper functioning. We therefore cater to a wide range of supports to give an option for as many variations of feet types as possible. We further customize the supports according to the particular client requests on order.

Are Ideal feet arch supports available anywhere else?2019-04-26T18:32:45-04:00

The original Ideal Feet arch supports are only exclusively available at the Ideal feet store. This is primarily because the supports require precision fitting by trained specialists for arch supports.

Are Ideal Feet Arch Supports more diverse than regular insoles or shoe inserts that are available in general drug stores or online?2019-04-26T18:28:59-04:00

Ideal Feet arch supports boast of specific design innovation that helps in providing a firm and flexible functionality that is most apt for rectifying issues due to incorrect foot biomechanics. They are therefore a long-term solution for pain relief from incorrect feet posture.