Show Us Where It Hurts

People can experience pain from different places in the body, so it’s best to first determine the location to properly diagnose a solution.

Use the graphic to the right to location your pain points so we can help you find the right solution.

Foot pain can sometimes be intolerable and effect your quality of life.
Whether you spend most of your time standing in one spot, walking the
floors of your workplace, enjoying long strolls or jogging, foot problems
tend to arise.

Do you notice or suffer from chronic pain and tenderness in your foot
that sometimes feels like a flair up? You might be suffering from Plantar fasciitis a disorder that causes pain in the heel and bottom of the foot.

Flat feet are the absence of an arch that limits your capacity for shock
absorption and affects your entire body. Sometimes this can be attributed
or caused by age weight or most common improper arch supports in everyday shoes.

If you are suffering from chronic or severe back pain it might be attributed
to a misaligned back due to improper arch support within your shoes, this is
one of the top reasons for visits to the doctor’s office and for missing days at work.

Do you suffer from painful hip pain? Hip pain can be debilitating and could be
intense enough to prevent you from enjoying your work, life and family.
Hip Pain can begin minor but increase with age, weight gain, and or poor
supporting foot wear.

If you are suffering from chronic knee pain it might be attributed to your
foot wear and the lack of proper support for your foot. People with chronic
pain find that their whole lives their foot wear had been improperly supporting their arches.